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What is a ‘Later Life Assembly’?

Age UK Cheshire is hosting spaces, where people can meet quarterly, share some food together and learn about how they can make a positive change for themselves and other people in later life. We want to use the gatherings to inform individuals about the campaigns that national Age UK is running and how to get involved. We also want to support local activities on local issues. This could be as simple as signing a petition, sharing a social media post or writing a letter, right up to meeting with decision-makers to try and encourage them to consider older people more carefully.

The first ‘Later Life Assembly’ met in May 2019 in Chester and we want to set up more Later Life Assemblies in other locations across the borough:

  • Northwich and Winsford
  • Rural
  • Ellesmere Port and Neston
  • Frodsham

We want to support a programme of local activism, building on the strength, knowledge, skills, and influence of individuals and groups.

What is the ethos of a ‘Later Life Assembly’?

We want each ‘Later Life Assembly’ to take an approach that builds on the gifts of our hearts, heads and hands in our communities in Cheshire.

The assemblies will begin with the following set of principles:

  • everyone has gifts: each person in a community has something to contribute.
  • relationships build a community: people must be connected in order for communities to develop.
  • people in later life at the centre: people in later life should be viewed as actors—not recipients—in developing what they want and need.
  • leaders involve others: communities develop most strongly when it involves a broad base of community action.
  • people care: actively listening to people’s interests, wants and needs prevents apathy.
  • listen: decisions should come from conversations where people are heard.
  • ask: asking for ideas is more sustainable than giving solutions.
  • inside-out organisation: local community members are in control.
  • institutions serve the community: institutional leaders should create opportunities for community-member involvement, then “step back.”
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Upcoming ‘Later Life Assembly’

The next ‘Later Life Assembly’ will take place on Wednesday, 11 March 2020 at Riverside Innovation Centre, Castle Drive, Chester. 10.45am – 2pm with a light lunch.

To book a place:

  • Telephone: 01606 881 660
  • Book online