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Age-friendly Principles

Over 70 people representing community groups and organisations, led by, or working alongside older adults helped develop our Age-friendly principles.

Together we think that older members of the community and all of us as we grow older should:

  • be seen as an individual, have a voice and be listened to
  • be respected, valued and included (whatever our age, ethnicity, religion, culture, gender, sexual orientation or ability)
  • be positively represented (and myths and stereotypes challenged)
  • be able to shape and influence decisions and services that affect us
  • feel we have meaning and purpose and are valued for what we bring to our communities, local economy and to society
  • have choices and make decisions about any help or support we may need (and someone to advocate for us when we can’t)
  • be supported when we care for others
  • be able to find information that is clear and easy to understand
  • have choices about where we live, work and spend our time
  • be able to live in communities, where we feel safe, connected and can have a good social life
  • be able to find work and be valued for what we bring to the workplace, supported by age-friendly employers
  • have the opportunity to be active.