A Story Shared

Creative Arts Project ‘A Story Shared’ aims to capture life in lockdown through the eyes of Cheshire West’s older residents.

The COVID-19 pandemic will go down not just in local and UK history, but in world history. Future generations will want to know what life was like for ordinary people in these extraordinary times and how we coped with living through the pandemic.

Cheshire Archives is working with partners to record this unique period in time through the eyes of older residents. This is part of a wider project to use archives to connect people across Cheshire, supported by National Lottery Heritage Funding.

‘A Story Shared’ is a creative project inspired by Haylo Theatre, developed with Cheshire Archives and Age-friendly Cheshire West. The project captures this extraordinary moment in time through the experiences and stories of older community members, stories that may otherwise go unheard.

The experiences of older residents are wide and varied, everyone from 50 to over 100 has story to share of how life in lockdown changed their lives. Many played their part as key workers, some returned to work in the NHS to help fight the virus. Others played a vital role as volunteers, helping friends, neighbours and the community.

For some people lockdown enabled them to be more socially connected than before, to learn new things and spend time doing things they enjoy. For others lockdown has been a time of sadness, loss and isolation. Everyone’s experience of lockdown is different, and everyone’s experience is important.

Sharing your story helps others understand what life was really like for people living through the pandemic.

Recording and sharing stories transforms them into a memory shared by the community and preserved in our local history for future generations for years to come.

We would like to invite you to take part and become part of that history. The more contributions, the richer the history.

You can record your experiences by filling out as much or as little of our journal page as you wish. This can be downloaded from the Age-friendly Cheshire West website, or you can request a paper copy by email or phone. Your contributions will become part of the archive recording the pandemic and Haylo Theatre will be creating a photobook with a selection of the responses.

How to get involved

You can download a copy of our journal document:

If you would like a paper copy of the document:

For more information about the project contact Archives at recordoffice@sharedservices.gov.uk.


Privacy notice – This document can be downloaded freely for the purposes of participating in the project. The document must not be reproduced for any other reasons, in full, or in part, without the prior permissions of project partners.